Wob-Wob Fader

Wob-Wob Fader is simple CV-source controlled by fader. The feature here is that maximal voltage is reached in the middle position. This controller make it possible to easy perform sweeps widely used in modern music. similar technique is used with vinyl disks. This module has one Wob-fader and one fader with selectable mode.

UPDATE: Values of R2 and R3 can be changed to 4.7K to obtain more expressive sweep.

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5 thoughts on “Wob-Wob Fader

    1. rpocc Post author

      I will shot back side of the SB for you :)
      The faders are random stuff from old soviet mixer. Any faders can be used. Unfortunately these two from the picture are hard used, completely scratchy and need to be replaced.

      I’m planning to produce this module as DIY Eurorack kit with pro PCB, quality faders and so on, but schematics should be reworked because I don’t like the too logarithmic curve of this one in Wob-wob mode.

  1. Паша Шиян

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    1. rpocc Post author

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      В принципе, да, можно вообще всю эту цепь с регулятором убрать и соединить пины 1 и 6 переключателя. Будет практически идентично и дешевле рублей на 10.

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