SM000 Mult 2×4

SSSR Labs SM000 Mult 2x4The SSSR Labs Mult 2×4 is a passive multiple module having switchable configuration: 2×4 or 1×8. This module has the smallest possible width: only 2hp, which perfectly allows it to fit yet another gap in a modular synthesizer with useful function.

The color coding helps user to select desirable operation mode.

Black lines, left switch position: Dual 4-terminal multiple.

Blue lines, right switch position: Single 8-terminal multiple.

Specifications of assembled Eurorack module:

  • Module width:    2hp
  • Module depth:    15mm (0.59″)
  • Net weight:    25g (0.9oz)
  • Module dimensions:    129x10x29mm (5″ x 0.4″ x 1.12″)
  • +12v rail power consumption:    0 mA (passive)
  • -12v rail power consumption:    0 mA (passive)

Purchase Assembled module at SSSR Labs Store

Purchase DIY Full Kit at SSSR Labs Store

Warranty for assembled module: 1 year

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