SM042 Kotelnikov

Kotelnikov-Square-800The SSSR Labs KOTELNIKOV is a digital voltage controlled wavetable oscillator module with morphing feature and built-in transient generator. This oscillator can generate number of sounds with diverse spectral content and combine them in various proportions. Kotelnikov can be used as a usual oscillator in a traditional subtractive synthesizer system, but it is also possible to use it as a complete voice module as it features shaped timbres, envelope generator and amplitude modulation.

Technical highlights

  • The sound engine sampling rate is locked to pitch and varies from 4.2 to 133 kHz, which gives very clear highs and uniform spectral content over the full range.
  • The Pitch resolution is 6 cents and CV input sampling rate is 6 kHz, which gives smooth analogish FM-ready CV response.
  • Analogue Amplitude Modulation input is bipolar, linear, rail-to-rail.

Kotelnikov contains 80 waveforms organized in 4 banks:

  1. DRUID: Collection of Electric Druid VCDO wavetables (used with permission)
  2. ATTACK: Interleaved dark/bright wavetables pairs
  3. HARMONIC: Frequency-relative sinewaves
  4. HD: Selected 12-bit wavetables

The firmware is written in Assembly language to ensure glitch-free operation and maximum working range.

The Transient Generator has 3 modes: AD/AR envelope generator or resettable LFO. Total time range of 0.4µs–10s is divided into 3 subranges. This generator is internally connected with FM and WM inputs, which helps you to achieve fluent, alive sound with no wires at all.


This module can be purchased as Do-it-yourself kit that contains all necessary parts to build a complete module:

  • 2x snow-white gold-plated PCBs. Made in Russia.
  • 1x high-quality aluminium 14hp Eurorack front panel with protective film.
  • All electronic components, IC sockets, headers and hardware.
  • 4x M3x6 screws and 30cm power cable.

The is almost completely through-hole kit except of SO8 reference voltage IC and voltage regulator IC. S that you don’t need to be an advanced DYIer to build your own Kotelnikov.

Technical Specifications

  • Pitch: 7 octaves range (C0-C7), 6 cents resolution
  • DAC: 12-bit, variable sampling rate: 4.2–133kHz
  • Wavetables: 3×16 8-bit tables, 32 12-bit tables. 256 samples each.
  • Control ADC: 0–5v, 10-bit, 6kHz
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Dimensions: 71x129x60mm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Current draw: 50–80mA @+12v; 20–50mA @-12v

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Recommended price

  • Full Kit: USD 200
  • Assembled Module: USD 330





Brief sound demo

FM and Sync

Detailed description

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