Lissajous Suite MIDIHarmonics — additive-substractive synthesizer and Lissajous curves generator. Synth is based on two synchronous sine “base” oscillators having constant phase difference: 90°. Then another pair of similar oscillators is mixed to the base sound. Their frequency is exact integer multiple of the base frequency. The mix can be tweaked with four modifiers affecting both sound and shape.

  • Quantizer: pixelize curves.
  • Sample & Hold: can convert spyrographical shapes into regular convex polygons (dot clusters) with same number of vertices corresponding harmonic number.
  • Multimode resonance filter: can integrate (smooth corners) or differentiate (emphasize corners) the signal.
  • Controlled amplifier: can change the shape size.

Modifiers may be controlled by four envelope generators.

Download Version 1.0

Demonstration clip

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