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ACXSynth MIDI2CV Firmware v5.7.3

New version of firmware for ACXSynth MIDI2CV has been released. Firmware is no more alternative. Second run of hexinverter.net MIDI2CV comes with this version. New manual is published. Changes:

  • POLY1 and POLY4 modes are swapped.
  • Velocity outputs are added in duophonic modes.

The source code is published. Language: C. Compiler: PICC 9.

Firmware update and the source code can be downloaded on the Project page.

ACXSynth MIDI2CV Firmware v5.7.2

New version of alternative firmware for ACXSynth MIDI2CV has been released. Changes:

  • 8-voice polyphony and polyphonic velocity are now supported. You must have two or more units connected via MIDI-splitter in order to receive identical data. See MIDI Implementation for details.
  • Polyphonic and Monophonic modes now have individual sets of function keys. Store function key is now accessible in any of these modes. See MIDI Implementation for details.

New version can be downloaded on the Project page

Thanks to all donators!

ACXSynth MIDI2CV Firmware v5.7

New version of alternative firmware for ACXSynth MIDI2CV has been released. Changes (from v. 5.5):

  • Pitch bend now works in all modes.
  • Aftertouch assignable to CV2 Out.
  • 2-voice Split mode at Channel +4 in Multitimbral mode.
  • 2-voice Intellectual duophonic mode at channel +5 in Multitimbral mode.
  • Fixed bug with Voice two acting as Trigger in polyphonic mode.
  • MIDI Clock Rate is now adjustable
  • Version display at startup (0101.0111)
  • Parameters can be stored into EEPROM

The first key pressed at Split mode channel defines split point (the most lower key of the upper zone). Lower zone goes to voice 1 and upper zone goes to voice 2. Split point is set each time when multitimbral mode is selected. Intellectual duophonic mode can be used with two identical voices. Converter analyzes each newly pressed key and assigns corresponding note to particular voice where most closer note was taken previously. This makes it possible to play douphonic parts with glide with no unwanted slew between the parts if there is sufficient space between the hands. This mode doesn’t require fixed split point, but there is no binding between voices and parts like in the split mode. When monophonic part is played, only one voice will be used, there is no unison! New version can be downloaded on the Project page

Thanks to all donators! I mean it, thank you, guys! I’m glad to create as perfect code and design as I can.

Galilean Moons

galilean_moons_thumbhexinverter.net announced new Eurorack module, Galilean Moons.
Galilean Moons is a dual amplitude transmutator. It transmutates the amplitude of incoming signals through the use of voltage controlled envelopes and VCAs. It is designed primarily to create voltage controlled percussive sounds when fed with a sound source (in particular, its sister module, Jupiter Storm), but can be used for all sorts of other tasks in your modular system as well as to generate typical synth sounds.

– Two voltage controlled digital functions (envelopes), each normalised to their own low-distortion linear, DC-coupled voltage controlled amplifier
– Each envelope offers percussive attack/decay, attack/sustain/release or looping (LFO) mode
– Envelopes can each be linear or exponential
– Enables a new noise output, “XOR”, if plugged into a Jupiter Storm behind the panel. (everything besides the XOR output works with or without a Jupiter Storm!)
– VCA inputs are normalised to the newly-enabled XOR and main (“I”) output of Jupiter Storm when nothing else is plugged in
– The envelopes and VCAs can be fully utilised elsewhere in your system by plugging into the corresponding function’s jacks
– Perfect for synthesizing voltage controlled percussion and other effects!

Module width: 18HP
Current consume: 88/65mA
Depth: 30mm

ACXSynth MIDI2CV Firmware v5.4

New version of alternative firmware for ACXSynth MIDI2CV has been released..


1. Added full support for legato play in Mono and Poly1 modes
2. D2 key toggles legato retrigger
3. E2 key toggles velocity curve in Mono mode (Linear/exponential)
4. Trigger duration is extended to 1.28 ms.

New version can be downloaded on the Project page

hexinverter.net ACXSynth MIDI2CV polyphonic MIDI-CV converter

MIDI2CV_ThumbCanadian company, hexinverter.net Electronics makes various modules for analog synthesizers. Almost every project is cross-platform and designed not only for Eurorack but also for 4U/5U formats. The model range includes noise-generating modules, sequencers, percussion, envelope generators and effects. This summer Hexinverter has released a new model: 4-voice polyphonic MIDI-CV converter.

MIDI-CV converter 5U module was designed by Alain Coupel of ACXSynth. In the year 2013 Stacy Gaudreau started to make his own version for Eurorack. Finally project became nice 8hp wide DIY module. Later I took a part in developing too by making new firmware.

Full kit (PCBs, components, front-panel and hardware) costs $120. (it’s not perfectly clear, USD or CAD, but rates are very close)

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