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Galilean Moons

galilean_moons_thumbhexinverter.net announced new Eurorack module, Galilean Moons.
Galilean Moons is a dual amplitude transmutator. It transmutates the amplitude of incoming signals through the use of voltage controlled envelopes and VCAs. It is designed primarily to create voltage controlled percussive sounds when fed with a sound source (in particular, its sister module, Jupiter Storm), but can be used for all sorts of other tasks in your modular system as well as to generate typical synth sounds.

– Two voltage controlled digital functions (envelopes), each normalised to their own low-distortion linear, DC-coupled voltage controlled amplifier
– Each envelope offers percussive attack/decay, attack/sustain/release or looping (LFO) mode
– Envelopes can each be linear or exponential
– Enables a new noise output, “XOR”, if plugged into a Jupiter Storm behind the panel. (everything besides the XOR output works with or without a Jupiter Storm!)
– VCA inputs are normalised to the newly-enabled XOR and main (“I”) output of Jupiter Storm when nothing else is plugged in
– The envelopes and VCAs can be fully utilised elsewhere in your system by plugging into the corresponding function’s jacks
– Perfect for synthesizing voltage controlled percussion and other effects!

Module width: 18HP
Current consume: 88/65mA
Depth: 30mm

Adjustable Tom

Quad Adjustable Tom is minimalistic percussion module that consists of 4 identical analog electronic toms. The main feature of this module is that it is very compact unit built around one Quad Opamp. It is supposed that pitch adjustment is rare operation that can be done with on-board trimmer potentiometers while the front panel has only gate inputs and audio outputs which consume only 4hp of space. SUch modules can be joined to kind of compact percussion cluster. THe sound of this module is similar to analogue Boss rhythm-boxes.
The sound example contains all four toms played in serie. There are dry at the begin and then some reverb effects are presented.
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